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VivaCanada as an authorized representative of Lambton College can assist you throughout your enrollment process. The service is free of charge for future Lambton College students..

  • Explanation of application requirements and details for each program
  • Program availability check
  • Assessment of your potential acceptance, and if required, review with the Admissions department
  • Guide through the required steps, alternatives and dates
  • English proficiency assessment
  • Lambton College free English Test
  • Advise on English programs
  • Application review
  • Application submission to the Lambton College admissions system.  Application non-refundable fee (C$150) waived
  • Flexible hours
  • English and Spanish
  • Your personal information is protected.  It will only be shared with Lambton College.
  • Access to proven suppliers such as professional translators
Apply to Lambton College and/or its English Test


Regardless the program you choose, your previous education must have good grades and you always will need at least these documents:

  • Transcript of studies issued by the academic institution where the grades obtained for each subject studied are listed. 
  • Title (certificate). It must show that you comply with all the requirements and earnt a title or degree.

In all cases, if these documents are not originally issued in English, they must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Each program has its requirements to demonstrate a sufficient level of English proficiency.

For some very specific programs, especially those related to health science, the only valid test is IELTS.

For most programs, Lambton College will require any of the following:

  • IELTS (academic)
  • Lambton Institute of English placement test (only available through a representative such as VivaCanada).
  • Enrollment in a pre-approved English program.  Please check with us.

Documents that are not originally in English must be accompanied by a certified translation.

It is not necessary that they be notarized, but it is necessary that the identification and license data of the translator be in the translated document

You can verify that VivaCanada is an authorized representative of Lambton College. We appear under the Mexico’s section of the Lambton College official website.